A Dutch social experiment in waste management.
Together with ROVA we created a challenge to get families waste free in 100 days. On average households have 89% waste reduction at the end of the program. In 2017 we launched the program in more then 100 municipalities.

ISWA Communications Award in 2015!
The jury deemed this campaign the best project because of its strengths on all fundamental elements that make communication and social marketing plans effective. The judging panel was particularly impressed by the quality of planning, in which a clear strategy with detailed and measurable goals was outlined. This project is now adopted by Foster.




ROVA, NVRD, VANG, Boerdam.

What I Did

Concept, producer, platform

Over 100 municipalities in the Netherlands.

87% less waste per home.

People show that it is possible to reduce 87% of their waste.

Challenge the community

Over 5000 participants.

Over 5000 fanatic participants, young and old, every body can join.